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Rubber Compounds And Applications

W. N. SHAW custom formulates a complete range of solvent and water-base release agents and anti-tack surface coatings for all major compression, transfer, and injection molding applications.

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W. N. SHAW products are designed to add value to the production process by increasing molding efficiencies, reducing down-time, enhancing release performances, preserving overall mold integrity, and maintaining consistent and quality molded parts.

Release Agents For Transfer Molding

W. N. SHAW employs cutting-edge technologies to develop new raw materials and product formulations that overcome the challenges of the most complex and aggressive rubber compounds. Just as each customer has unique needs, compounds, and production variables, W. N. SHAW excels in the ability to rapidly tailor our products to match the demands of our individual customers.

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W. N. SHAW specializes in producing semi-permanent, solvent and water-base products for all types of rubber compounds and applications. Our technology continues to advance with the growing demands of the rubber molding industry.

For complex molding requirements such as rubber-to-metal bonding requirements to various alloys and plastic inserts, W. N. SHAW offers product solutions that are specifically designed not to interfere with the bonding process, while still providing excellent release and protecting mold integrity.

W. N. SHAW semi-permanent products will reduce, if not eliminate knit and flow lines often found in weatherstrip, corner joints, and specialized injection parts such as cam cover gaskets, without losing release performance or semi-permanent durability.

W. N. SHAW has a complete development and testing facility that enables us to work with individual rubber compounds and molding requirements in order to develop targeted solutions with minimal turn-around time for our customers’ unique needs.


W. N. SHAW formulates anti-tack surface coatings for rubber pre-forms, lathe-cut rubber, and molded rubber parts which provide customers with cleaner, safer, and more effective anti-tack alternatives.

W. N. SHAW’s anti-tack coatings for rubber pre-forms provide micro-thin coatings that will not interfere and often facilitate the molding process. Molds will be left clean and the quality of the molded parts will not be diminished.

W. N. SHAW’s Anti-tack agents for molded parts will not cause physical, chemical or environmental damage that can be associated with conventional anti-tack methods.