Carbon Fiber Composite Mold Products

W. N. SHAW composite mold products provide excellent release with very low build-up while delivering the desired product surface characteristics.

wind mills

W. N. SHAW custom formulates solvent and water-base release agents for all major composite molding applications including:

  • Thermoformed Compression Molding
  • Cold Compression
  • RTM
  • RIM
  • Vacuum Infusion
  • Wet Lay-Up
  • Mandrel Wrapped Prepreg

W. N. SHAW employs cutting-edge technologies to develop new raw materials and product formulations that meet the latest composite industry requirements.

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W. N. SHAW specializes in producing semi-permanent, water-based products for automotive interior trim, liners, and acoustical dampening parts.

Our products offer superior semi-permanent release for various types of thermoformed composite parts containing low-density foam and fiber that is bonded with a thermosetting resin surrounded by an unwoven fabric “scrim”.

Applications include:

  • Headliners
  • Hood, Dash, and Trunk Liners
  • Package and Speaker Trays

Wind Mill Blades

W. N. SHAW offers water-based and solvent-base mold releases for the wind energy industry. W. N. SHAW offers products specifically designed for this expanding industry and the unique requirements of vacuum-infused epoxies and phenolic binders and hand lay-up applications.


W. N. SHAW offers release agents for external fuselage parts including epoxy prepreg radar domes and various interior components.

Athletics and Recreation

W. N. SHAW release agent capabilities allow us to offer high-performance customized products for various athletic applications including Golf Club Shafts, Golf Balls, Tennis Rackets and Hockey Sticks


Although friction parts may not be what is typically considered a “composite”, W. N. SHAW offers a complete line of water-based friction molding parts for the Automotive, Industrial, and Railroad sectors. W. N. SHAW products are designed to meet the requirements of compression molding friction compounds that include a wide range of components including graphite, phenolics, epoxies, glass, rubber, and brass.

Construction and Decorative

As the demand for synthetic construction materials grows throughout the world, W. N. SHAW continues to expand its product family for materials containing FRP, Fiber, Epoxy, and Polyester Resin. Through extensive expertise across all industries, W. N. SHAW has proven its ability to add value to our customers’ processes through our analysis and rapid customization of products.