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Mold Release Agents for the Marine & Boating Industry

mold release for marine and boating industry
When you need specially designed mold release products for boats and other marine applications, W.N. SHAW & CO. can develop a working solution. The marine industry requires resilient molding products that can withstand harsh conditions such as water exposure, high temperatures and wear and tear from frequent use.

Our team has extensive experience working with mold release agents for all environments and industry demands, so you can depend on us to develop a customized agent for your commercial or industrial marine craft.

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Increase Productivity With Mold Releases for the Marine Industry

A mold release for marine crafts can be used for a variety of different boat components as a protective coating and non-stick agent. Because of the heavy demands and expectations in this industry, manufacturing marine-grade mold releases requires excellent precision and quality. Our range of product options will help maximize boat safety, productivity and longevity.

At W.N. SHAW, we offer release agents for high-temperature areas as well as plastic and rubber marine craft components. These components may include water tanks, hulls and decks, flotation devices, seat cushions, engine gaskets and seals, hoses, tubing and more. Products we offer that are compatible with marine applications include:

  • Solvent-based release agents: While solvent-based agents are less environmentally friendly than other products (such as water-based agents), they hold up well against water, heat and other chemicals.
  • Silicone mold releases: Silicone mold releases are ideal for use on plastics and other polymer materials due to their heat and oxidation resistance. They also offer high functional longevity and smooth mold release performance.
  • Silicone-free mold releases: Silicone-free release agents are used for silicone-based rubber, electrical components and other materials that may be less compatible with silicone. Make the marine craft manufacturing process more efficient and effective with our non-silicone mold releases.

Why Choose W.N. SHAW Mold Release Agents?

At W.N. SHAW, we’ve been delivering mold release agent solutions to a plethora of industries since 1995. We have years of experience building customized products that will fit the precise needs of specific applications, and our commitment to innovation allows us to set standards and pave the way for industry growth. With a mold release for the marine industry, you can:

  • Improve efficiency: Protecting your moldings and substrates from unwanted adhesion and the elements will cut down on maintenance. Over a long-term basis, this change will decrease downtime and keep all water-based operations running more smoothly.
  • Enhance longevity: W.N. SHAW mold releases for boats are resilient and durable. This quality helps support the longevity of a vessel’s mechanisms and components so that they last longer between replacements and repairs.
  • Reduce costs: The toughness and reliability of our mold releases make them more cost-effective for manufacturers and marine craft owners. If you’re looking for a way to cut down on expenses and raise ROI, our products will provide the advantage you need.

Order Customized Marine Industry Release Agents Today

W.N. SHAW constantly searches for new ways to innovate and integrate advanced technologies with quality release agent solutions. If you’re interested in buying a mold release for the marine industry, contact us online to learn more.

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