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Custom Mold Release Agents by Industry

W. N. SHAW also has custom molding release agents for the following industries.

Construction Industry

Machinery mountings, conveyor belts, interior and exterior decorative molding products, shutters, insulation panels.
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Electronic Industry

Personal computers, Mobile devices, Disc drives, Control panel parts, Connectors, PC board assemblies
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Energy Industry

Flotation buoys, high-density riser modules, wind turbine blades, panels, insulators, seals, gaskets.
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Footwear Industry

Boots, safety shoes, athletic shoes, casual and dress shoes, unit soles, direct-on soles.
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Medical Industry

Fluid collection containers, vials and stoppers, memory foam products, wheelchair armrests and seats.
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Athletic Industry

Racquets, ball cores and covers, bladders, protective pads, frames.
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Packaging Industry

Plastic bottles, food containers, cosmetic containers, plastic storage containers, detergent containers, medicine bottles, soap dispensers.
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Computers & Peripherals Industry

Computers, monitor cases, thumb drives, speakers, scanners, printers, external hard drives, keyboards, mice.
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Aerospace Industry

Engine and hardware components,  Aircraft seating and tires, hoses, o-rings and gaskets, structural framework, ducting, interior panels.
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Food & Beverage Industry

Blenders, ice cube trays, spatulas and plastic utensils, coffee brewers.
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Automotive Industry

Steering wheels, seating, dashboards, engine parts, chassis, tires, hubcaps, body parts.
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Consumer Goods

Packaging, automotive, household items, electronics, sporting goods.
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Painting & Coating Industry

Our custom formulated mold release agents for the painting and coating industry are designed to increase your organization’s productivity and flexibility.
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Marine & Boating Industry

We offer release agents for high-temperature areas as well as plastic and rubber marine craft components
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Mining & Industrial Industry

Loaders, Rail cars, Trucks and tires, Conveyors, Radiators, Door and window molding or seals, Insulation panels
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