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Mold Release Agents for the Painting & Coating Industry

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A variety of applications in the painting and coating industry require the help of polyurethane mold release agents. Substrates that need paint or varnish can be delicate and challenging to work with in areas where they will be exposed to the elements — that’s why W.N. SHAW manufactures custom polyurethane mold releases for the painting industry. As providers of mold release agents for the last 25 years, we continually strive to develop lasting products that will uphold high standards of performance and efficiency.

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Custom Mold Releases for the Coating Industry

W.N. SHAW offers a wide selection of mold release agents for industrial applications. We work to set high standards for painting and coating while meeting the requirements of our specific clients. Our products range from water-based mold releases to solvent and silicone mold releases, so we have plenty of options to choose from based on your needs.

Polyurethane release agents can be used as a varnish or paint for commercial products and substrates. Our release agents work well on wood, metal and painted surfaces to protect against the effects of corrosion and fading. To promote the long-lasting life of a surface, product or piece of equipment, it’s important to apply a release agent that will maintain strength and durability.

Water-based mold release agents are smart choices for the painting industry because they dry quickly and leave no color behind. These agents are clean, safe and friendly for the environment. If you need a product you can use as a varnish or coating for indoor applications, water-based agents can provide the necessary convenience and security.

Solvent-based mold release agents add a slight color when applied and are less eco-friendly than their water-based counterparts, but they’re better suited for painting and coating products that may need to endure harsher conditions.

Why You Need Painting Industry Mold Releases From W.N. SHAW

Our level of experience and expertise in mold releases means that we spend most of our time dedicated to innovation and staying ahead in the industry. We’ll go the extra mile to make sure your product is fit for your business. The products we offer are durable, manageable and suitable for a variety of environments. Our mold releases for the painting industry also offer chemical resistance and enhanced safety.

In addition to the quality of our products, customer service is important to us. If you have specific requirements for your mold release or any questions about the painting and coating industry products we offer, we’ll give you our undivided attention and support. Your satisfaction and success are the reasons we work so hard to build dependable products and foster effective communication between staff and our customers.

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W.N. SHAW mold releases for the painting and coating industry are designed to increase your organization’s productivity and flexibility. Whatever the demands of your upcoming applications, we’re prepared to develop a solution that will work best for you.

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