Anti-Tack Formulations

Anti-Tack Surface Coatings

custom formulated cylinders

At W. N. SHAW & CO., INC., we specialize in formulating and applying anti-tack surface coatings and mold release agents. Rather than pushing you toward one of our existing products, we learn about your business, processes and surface coating needs. We then apply our experience, knowledge and skills toward meeting those needs with an exceptional anti-tack surface coating that enhances your productivity and reduces your costs.

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We formulate anti-tack agents for rubber pre-forms, lathe-cut rubber and molded rubber parts. These coatings deliver a number of advantages, including:

  • Cleaner, safer and more effective solutions than anti-tack alternatives
  • Micro-thin coatings that will not interfere with the molding process
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing there‚Äôs no risk of physical, chemical or environmental damage often associated with conventional anti-tack methods

Additionally, your molds will be left clean, and the quality of your molded parts will not be compromised. Companies come to us because the adhesive quality of rubber creates problems during storage and transportation. We create solutions to these problems through our anti-tack surface coatings. When you need manufacturing solutions that you can trust, turn to W. N. SHAW.

W. N. SHAW: Knowledge, Skills and Experience

At W. N. SHAW, we base our custom-formulated anti-tack surface coatings on more than theory alone. We operate a full development and analytical laboratory, in addition to two manufacturing facilities. At these facilities, we conduct thorough shop floor interaction and observation as well as extensive product testing. Research and observation are key to the proper formulation and successful performance of our anti-tack surface coatings.

We offer a team of technical engineers who possess more than 100 years of experience in the mold release industry. And we also offer sales and engineering specialists who can provide efficient, complete and invaluable attention to your needs, serving as an important link to the product development team. These professionals work together to achieve one goal: the formulation of an anti-tack surface coating or other product that perfectly meets your needs.

We sell anti-tack formulations directly to molders in USA and Canada and we sell through distributors in Mexico, China, Japan,Southeast Asia, South America and Europe. No matter your location or industry, you can count on rapid development time and integrated production to quickly fulfill your specialized product needs.

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The global and domestic chemical specialty markets are rapidly changing. In response, W. N. SHAW operates with an emphasis on versatility and the successful adaptation to these evolutions. We are dedicated to formulating new and more advanced raw materials and breakthrough innovations such as water-based and green solutions that better serve workers and the environment. By remaining at the forefront of the industry and new developments, we add value to your manufacturing processes by providing cost-effective products that represent the very best solutions available. When you need anti-tack surface coatings that will enhance your manufacturing processes and reduce costs, you can count on W. N. SHAW.

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