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Mold Release Agents for the Computer & Peripheral Industry

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Today’s culture is driven by computers, electronic devices and the latest technology, and the computer industry is one of the fastest-growing and evolving sectors. For the computers and peripherals manufacturing industry, keeping up with the rapid changes and demand is a constant challenge, but with mold release solutions from W.N. Shaw, streamlining processes and ensuring a quality product is simple. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals is among the most trusted in the industry.

We specialize in creating die casting, composite and thermoplastic mold releases for a variety of industries and computer and peripheral products including mobile phone casings, consumer products, circuit boards and more. All of our mold release products are thoroughly tested to ensure long-term performance, durability and efficiency — they strictly adhere to any specific industry standards, site expectations and regulatory requirements.

Our team has over 100 years of combined experience to provide unique and custom solutions for your computer manufacturing facility. We utilize the latest, safest and most dependable tools and technology to ensure effective and personalized services. With our mold release solutions, we guarantee higher output, less product waste, longer mold release products, lower overhead and higher profitability.

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Innovative Mold Release Solutions for Computer Tech

The way we can provide the highest quality, detailed products is with our consultive and analytical approach to every client. We ensure we always create one-of-a-kind products that are tailored to accommodate all of your needs, evolving expectations and performance requirements. With ongoing research and testing, we’ve always remained at the cutting edge of computer and peripherals mold release technology, producing effective, stable and versatile composite and thermoplastic mold release solutions.

At W.N. Shaw, we create mold release products for a wide variety of computer products including:

  • Monitor cases: Today’s monitor cases need to be the epitome of modern, sleek design with durable features to protect the inner hardware and circuitry — for the most effective results, you need mold cavities with clean release agents.
  • Thumb drives: Without computer peripheral manufacturers, creating a small device with large storage capacity would be nearly impossible without the ability to mold synthetic handles to protect data saved on the drive.
  • Speakers: Next time you visit an electronics store, check out the different sizes and shapes of computer and electronic device speakers. These versatile and fun shapes wouldn’t be possible without controlled mold release technology.
  • Scanners and printers: Scanners and printers are complex devices with multiple moving parts to do everything from scan and create a digital version of a picture or document to feeding different parts with paper and ink simultaneously. Each component of a scanner or printer is created using mold release products and wouldn’t be as durable or protected without these parts.
  • External hard drives: To ensure files are secure, many users utilize external hard drives — these storage solutions would be rendered useless without compact and secure casings, all created with mold release for computer peripherals.
  • Keyboards and computer mice: Every button and key on your mouse and computer keyboard is created with molds complete with release agents.

Find Custom Mold Release Products Today From W.N. Shaw

W.N. Shaw is the premier mold release company for computer products and peripherals, offering comprehensive, detailed service and quality mold release products. We provide custom solutions for all of our clients throughout the United States and worldwide to ensure we can meet your specific needs and long-term performance expectations.

When you need cost-effective, versatile and durable mold release solutions, reach out to the trained and knowledgeable experts at W.N. Shaw to receive more detailed information. Call us today at 636-271-3335 to speak to a specialist or fill out our online form.

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