Water-Based Mandrel Releases

Water-Based Lubricants for Flexible and Rigid Mandrels

Most manufacturing operations depend on mandrels for shaping parts and materials. Whether rigid or flexible, these mandrels demand a lubricant that can quickly and easily release the part or materials without compromising its finish or integrity. At W. N. SHAW & CO., INC., we specialize in water-based lubricants for flexible and rigid mandrels, custom-formulated products that are designed to match your unique manufacturing needs.

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When you need water-based lubricants for flexible mandrels or rigid mandrels, count on W. N. SHAW to work closely with your operation. We’ll formulate a custom solution that you can quickly integrate into your manufacturing processes.

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Get the Most Advanced Lubricant Solutions Available

When you choose to work with W. N. SHAW, you gain access to a team of technical engineers who possess more than 100 years of experience in the mold release industry. You also get the chance to work with our sales and engineering specialists who provide comprehensive individualized attention to your needs, while serving as an all-important between your business and our product development team. This group of professionals collectively pushes toward one goal: creating the perfect water-based lubricant for your flexible and rigid mandrels.

Our results are based on more than theory alone. We conduct thorough shop floor interactions and observations as well as extensive product testing. This research is vital to the proper formulation and successful performance of our products.

We offer two manufacturing facilities and a full developmental and analytical laboratory. We sell directly to businesses in USA and Canada and we sell through distributors in Europe, Mexico, South America, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. This footprint gives us the ability to develop and apply custom-formulated products for customers worldwide.

Founded in 1995, W. N. SHAW focuses on versatility and adaptability, characteristics that are vital when working in the rapidly changing global and domestic chemical specialty markets. We add value to our customers’ manufacturing processes by providing cost-effective products formulated with advanced technologies.

We are committed to pursuing new and advanced raw materials and breakthrough innovations such as water-based and green solutions. This pursuit means you are always getting the newest, most advanced product solutions when you work with W. N. SHAW.

As we stay on the leading edge of the industry by incorporating new developments and trends, you stay ahead of your competition by securing and integrating water-based lubricant for rigid and flexible mandrels as well as other release agents. These products will help increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance your working environment.

When you need the best in custom-formulated water-based lubricants for flexible and rigid mandrels, you can count on W. N. SHAW, your release agent and chemical specialty company.

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