Mold Release Agents for the Medical Industry

wheelchairsProducts used in the medical industry need to be formed correctly with as little flawing in their surface and functionality as possible.

Since the medical device industry uses a high amount of polymer material for the production of life-saving tools and devices, it goes without saying that they also require mold release agents for proper forming and release. Plastic and rubber are staple materials for laboratory and medical use because they have high versatility. W.N. SHAW offers the mold release agents for these applications.

Mold Releases for Medical Applications

Rubber and plastic are in almost any medical procedure or process, from a basic checkup to an ongoing treatment plan. These materials offer a sound alternative to the ceramic, metal and wood of the past, providing resistance to water and chemicals, sealable surfaces, durability, affordability and more. They’re versatile, often disposable and typically recyclable, which means the elimination of infectious-disease spread can be further promoted by concerned facilities.

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Mold releases for surgical applications and other medical processes make device production possible with minimal waste, allowing for lucrative manufacturing of surgical tubing, IV ports, chemical-resistant mats, prosthetics and other highly specialized equipment. Pairing a quality mold release with plastic and rubber components used in medical devices allows several benefits that apply directly to the medical industry:

  • Minimized porosity: Medical device applications with proper mold release allow the production of components with minimal porosity, assuming the correct agent is used and the process is completed correctly with the right amount and timing for the agent. If you’re unsure what to use or how to complete the process, the experts at W.N. SHAW & CO. can offer answers and assistance.
  • Improved production flexibility: This comes from the material just as much as it does from the release agent. Small parts like O-rings, seals and gaskets must come in different colors, shapes and more while retaining their durability and toughness. A primary step in the production of these functionally complex components is a scientific molding process suited to each specific piece, including the right release agent.
  • Increased profit margins: The medical market becomes wider and more complex every day, including the devices produced and, as a result, the molding processes used. The correct molding agent allows for millions of pieces to be produced in one run. It also results in less waste, fewer cleanings between applications, reduced labor hours, higher cost efficiency and an expanded overall profit margin.

W.N. SHAW for Your Custom Mold Release Agents

At our company, we have years of experience helping with the manufacturing of stoppers, memory foam products, fluid collection containers, wheelchair armrests and seats, vials and more. We’re global leaders in the mold release industry with more than 100 years of combined industry experience and the cutting-edge technology to back our custom-formulated products around the globe. Contact us now with questions, comments or proposals to get started on your medical-industry project.

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