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Release Lubricants For Mandrel Built Rubber Hose And Tube Products

W. N. SHAW custom formulates water-based release lubricants for rubber hose and tube production, for all mandrel types (shaped mandrels, rigid mandrels, and flexible mandrels) and pan-cure applications. This range of lubricants includes effective mandrel mold release agents and mandrel lubes for rubber hoses.

W. N. SHAW release agents are designed to meet the strict standards of the most critical hose systems in the automotive and industrial hose manufacturing industry.

W. N. SHAW offers release agents for all common rubber types including EPDM, NR, NBR, NBR/PVC, CR, CSM, SBR, ECO, FKM, Vamac, Acrylic, and Silicone.

W. N. SHAW formulates release products to match the current or preferred application methods that will optimize hose production.

Mandrel Release Product Target Characteristics

Excellent Loading & Releasing Superior lubricity for loading and releasing hose from complex mandrels.
Minimal Build-Up Excellent release characteristics that minimizing residue on mandrels and on the inside diameter of finished hoses.
Hose Dimension Integrity Prevent defects such as pitting, pin-holes, blooming or swelling of the inside diameter.
Silicone, Fluorine, and Solvent free Products do not contain any materials that will affect the post production testing performance of critical hose systems for customers who have component specific demands for mandrel release.
Washing Characteristics Excellent washing and anti-foaming characteristics, which will breakdown easily and safely in normal drainage systems.
Temperature Stability Stable at high temperatures for the most demanding hose production situations

Pan Cure Release Characteristics for Hose and Tube

  • Excellent anti-tack and anti-blocking characteristics for cured and uncured hoses.
  • All water-based pan cure products can be produced free of silicone, solvents, fluorocarbons, waxes, and stearates.
  • Anti-tack and anti-block products will not build-up on hose surfaces or leave residue in the curing pans.
  • Easily washed off and will degrade safely in normal drainage systems.
  • Will not interfere with ink coding or painting.

What We Need to Know:

  • Define the most critical functions or concerns with your mandrel release: Release ease, Minimize build-up on the mandrels, Protecting the dimensional Integrity of the hose, Washing Characteristics, Biodegradable, etc.
  • Hose type
  • Hose Diameter
  • Rubber Compound: Inside Tube, Outside Tube, Reinforcement Type.
  • Mandrel Type: Flexible/Rigid, Material, Length, Shape
  • Mandrel Release Application Method: Spray, Dip, Brush, Swab, Extrusion Injection.
  • Mandrel release viscosity or physical characteristic requirements.
  • Post production hose evaluation requirements and methods.

W. N. SHAW: Your Source for Mandrel Release Agents

We specialize in serving clients who need custom-formulated release agents for rubber, rotational, polyurethane and composite molding industries. This includes mandrel release agents and mandrel lubes for formed rubber hoses. We use our depth of experience and extensive resources to achieve the best in solutions and service across industries.

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Our team of technical engineers brings more than 100 years of experience in creating mandrel mold release agents and similar mold releases. In addition to these experienced engineers, we also offer a team of specialists who serve as an important communication link with our product development professionals. This integrated approach to creating mandrel lubes for molded rubber hoses and similar products ensures that your unique needs are fully met.

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We’ve been in business for more than 20 years, always striving to improve our products, services and ability to adapt in a rapidly changing market. When you choose W. N. SHAW as your service provider, you receive the latest in technology, innovations and approaches used to create mandrel release agents. It’s our experience, team and resources that help us serve as a valuable partner to your team and brand. When you’re in need of fast and effective mandrel release agents and mandrel lubes for production rubber hoses, trust the team at W. N. SHAW.

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