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Mold Release for Rotational Molding

W. N. SHAW & CO., INC. is a release agent and chemical specialty company that offers mold release agents in the rotational molding industry. We custom-formulate these mold releases for rotational molding to meet the unique needs of your manufacturing process and operation. Choose from among water-based and solvent-based semi-permanent products that are geared to molding linear low-, medium- and high-density polyethylene, and nylon. Whatever your manufacturing process requires, we can work within those specifications to create the perfect product.

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As a custom-formulated service provider, we ensure that our rotational molding products are designed to meet your unique needs. We offer a team of deeply experienced engineers, product development professionals and customer service representatives who work together to ensure our experience, knowledge and resources are paired with constant communication — so your vision for rotational molding becomes a reality.

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The benefits of these custom-formulated mold agents for rotational molding include consistent de-molding and surface characteristics. With W. N. SHAW’s mold release for rotational molding solutions, you’ll find consistency in:

  • Parting lines
  • Mold inserts or cores
  • Mold internals
  • Removable pins
  • Difficult-to-release projecting areas
  • Multi-walled parts

These mold release for rotational molding solutions increase release performance and surface quality while also reducing pockmarks, blow holes and downtime. When applied properly, these release agents will achieve the finish and shape you want, without discoloration or deformation. Not only do our rotational molding solutions meet your specific needs, they also help increase the satisfaction of your own customers as our rotational molding process helps ensure quality and durability in final products.

W. N. SHAW works closely with each customer to achieve the desired results. When you have a manufacturing problem that requires an effective rotational molding mold release agent solution, we offer the knowledge, skills and experience needed to achieve a custom-formulated product that gets the job done. We go to great lengths to fully understand your rotational molding needs, and then adapt our proven process and resources to create the custom-formulated solution you need.

W. N. SHAW: Custom Formulating Release Agents

No two manufacturing processes are exactly the same, which is why we at W. N. SHAW places an emphasis on custom-formulated solutions. Our team of technical engineers possess more than 100 years of experience in the mold release industry — experience that helps us develop outstanding release agents for the rubber, polyurethane and composite molding industries. Our experience allows us to create effective rotational molding that adheres to your specifications and meets your specific needs.

Additionally, our sales and engineering specialists provide efficient, complete and invaluable attention to your needs, serving as a vital link to the product development team. This group of professionals is always seeking the very best solution for your release agent needs. Communication is key, which is why it’s constant when you choose W. N. SHAW for your rotational molding products.

We operate two manufacturing facilities and a developmental and analytical laboratory. These facilities allow us to conduct thorough shop floor interaction and observation, as well as extensive product testing — keys to the proper formulation and successful performance of our products. The result of our research and development process is cost-effective products that add value to your manufacturing process. Know that W. N. SHAW offers rotational molding solutions based in research and testing, rather than only theory.

Founded in 1995, W. N. SHAW focuses on incorporating new technologies and materials as well as adopting breakthrough innovations. In global and domestic chemical specialty markets that are rapidly changing, versatility and adaptability are key to sustained relevance. By also seeking out the best new processes and trends, we can offer rapid development time and integrated production that quickly fulfills your product needs. You can find alternative sources for rotational molding, but you won’t find a source as dedicated to constant quality improvement. Our focus on improvement and incorporating new technologies and industry innovations allows us to exceed expectations when creating custom-formulated rotational molding products.

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When you choose W. N. SHAW, you can be assured that the custom-formulated mold release for any rotational molding process will help enhance your productivity and reduce your overall costs. Our commitment is to enhance your own business and help better serve your customers through industry-leading rotational molding. For the best in release agent and chemical specialty solutions, turn to W. N. SHAW.

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