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Mold Release Agents For Polyurethane Molding

W.N. SHAW offers specific solutions to complex parameters in virtually all polyurethane mold release applications that require release agents.
In the polyurethane molding industry, we offer solvent-base, water-base, paste wax, and mold cleaning products for MDI, TDI, and TDI/MDI for all rigid, flexible, and cast urethane molding industries.

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W. N. SHAW has successfully engineered environmentally friendly water-base products for the most challenging applications where lower mold temperatures demand a high level of effectiveness from a release agent. We have custom-formulated our latest water-base products to provide excellent release ease and the desired part finishes that can be easily and safely washed from finished parts. Our water-base releases are designed to minimize buildup on the molds, thus extending the time between tool cleaning.

Benefits of PU Injection Molding

PU injection molding saves countless companies time and money in several ways throughout their production process. The advantages include:

  • Desired gloss level: Mold release can be customized to provide a vast range of surface finishes so that you can meet your customers’ exact specifications.
  • Faster operations: When you spend less time separating products from their molds and don’t have to clean the molds as much between applications, you lose fewer company hours. In addition, valuable employees can spend their time working on other manufacturing goals and company advancement instead of constantly working on mold cleaning and maintenance.
  • Less waste: The right mold release agent will give your products a cleaner separation, which will result in fewer damaged raw materials over the course of your operations. Nobody wants to see their polyurethane products constantly damaged and thrown away, which is why PU injection molding is a popular solution to common manufacturing challenges.
  • Longer mold life: Adding to the increased profit you’ll already see from other benefits, PU injection molding actually helps your molds last longer without required replacements. They aren’t constantly undergoing cleaning, and the separation process is not as rough on them since undesired bonding does not occur.
  • Cleaner final products: Your end product will have less residue and separate cleanly when you use PU injection molding, which oftentimes helps with both appearance and functionality. Customer-facing products will receive better word-of-mouth, boosting the good reputation surrounding your company no matter what specific industry you’re in.

W.N. SHAW for Superior PU Injection Molding and Services

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, W. N. SHAW is equipped to custom-formulate products specific to the needs of our customers all around the globe no matter the density of the foam, the desired finish, or the post-molding requirements. W. N. SHAW has proven it can serve every need of our customers. By providing fast response, customer service, and competitive pricing we separate ourselves from the pack.

Inquire About Our Polyurethane Mold Release Agents

It is also our philosophy to work directly with our customers on the production floor to most effectively understand the application dynamics so as to better design and formulate our products to match each unique urethane molding requirement.


For the unique demands of Reaction Injection Molding, Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding, and Structural Injection Molding, W. N. SHAW offers excellently engineered products that deliver superior release characteristics and allow for post mold bonding, painting or foam backing without requiring our customers to clean or abrade their parts. These attributes represent considerable time and cost savings.


The urethane molders in the automotive industry are major consumers of W. N. SHAW mold release agents for polyurethane parts. We offer complete solutions for molders no matter how complex their needs.


Type Application
Skin Door panel, Sprayed skin, RIM skin, Slush Molding (TPU), Arm Rests (Foam in place and In-mold coated), Barrier skin for foam backing (RIM, Open Pour)
Flexible Sound Absorbing, Carpet Backing, Air Filters (Panel/Conical), Tractor, Truck Self Skinning PU Arm Rests, & Interior Components
Rigid Energy Absorbing Foam with post mold bonding requirements, Headliners. Hoodliners, Interior Door Panels
Integral Skin Steering Wheels, Safety Systems, Interiors
In-Mold Paint Steering Wheels, Safety Systems, Interiors
Pre-Pigmented PU Consoles, Interiors
RIM Tractor Trailer Floor Mats, Bumpers, Wheel Covers, Door Panels


As the market for non-automotive uses of polyurethane continues to expand, W. N. SHAW matches the demands with new and innovated polyurethane release agent products to meet the needs of the growing marketplace.

Industry Application
Rigid Flower Pots, Foam Board, Taxidermy, Floral, Architectural Decorative Parts, Glass / Wood Laminate Encapsulation, Spas, Boat Floatation, Door and Window Casings
Flexible Office Furniture Arm Rests, Packaging Components (Dunnage) with Self-Skinning Urethane, High-Resiliency Foam Toys, Memory Foam
Cast Elastomers Sanding Disks, Seals, Tires/Wheels


W. N. SHAW has been making successful footwear release agents in the footwear industry for customers around the globe since its foundation. We serve all major needs for shoe manufacturing Shoe / Footwear Industry.

Industry Application
PU RIM, Open Pour, Unit Soles, Sandals, Dual Density RIM, Foam Inserts, Boot Soles, Direct Attach Insoles
EVA Shoe sole, In-Soles, Mid-Soles, Inserts, EVA Mats

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When it comes to PU injection molding and the injection mold release agents we provide, you won’t find higher levels of expertise, quality and customer satisfaction anywhere. We’re a global leader in the industry among polyurethane molding companies because we work tirelessly to zone in on our customer’s unique needs across a number of industries and applications to quickly develop and test the products they need. We have loyal clients around the world from North America to Asia and beyond. We’ve even invested in green technology for more efficient material use and leaner, cleaner operations.

Our team has more than 100 years of combined experience with the development of polyurethane mold release agents like those used in PU injection molding. Our background gives us the expertise to help you find the right mold release agent for your specific application, and we’ll develop your product within an impressive timeframe. You’ll get top-notch problem solving, answers to your questions, information about product composition, quality control on developed products and more when you choose to partner with us for your PU injection molding or other needs.

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