Mold Release Agents for the Packaging Industry

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Most consumers can’t get through the day without some type of product packaging, and as consumer trends evolve, it’s essential for packaging industry professionals to keep up — providing sustainable, quality products. Without a trusted custom formulator that best understands the most effective solutions and latest industry advancements, you may find your company falling behind and your product quality suffering. W.N. Shaw can help packing industry manufacturers achieve better levels of success stemming from exceptional, extensively tested mold release products that guarantee streamlined productivity, safety and lower overhead and increased profitability.

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Mold Release for the Packaging Industry

The packaging industry is facing a unique set of challenges and has specific concerns for maintaining control in the midst of pressing obstacles like rapid technology changes, raw material expenses and shortages and lack of access to the best and latest manufacturing practices. W.N. Shaw uses comprehensive technology, continuous research and extensive product testing to develop the most durable, stable and effective mold release for containers and packages.

We specialize in several thermoplastic products for a wide variety of containers, including:

  • Plastic beverage caps and containers
  • Food containers
  • Cosmetic containers
  • Soap and lotion dispensers
  • Detergent and cleaning bottles
  • Medicine bottles
  • Plastic storage containers

The W.N. Shaw Difference

The experienced team of experts at W.N. Shaw is committed to providing safe, durable and effective mold releases for containers. We understand the unique challenges the packaging industry faces. That’s why we develop quality thermoplastic mold release solutions to meet the most demanding, stringent standards, all while improving manufacturing processes and eliminating excess expenses. When you trust W.N. Shaw for your mold release needs, you can benefit from the most outstanding products in the industry as well as:

  • Over 100 years of industry experience.
  • Custom mold release solutions tailored to your facility’s processes and expectations.
  • Dedicated and highly trained professionals that provide comprehensive analytical, instrumentation and biological testing services.
  • Significant savings on daily operating expenses with reduced product waste and quality mold release products that streamline performance.
  • Better customer relations with the ability to offer flexible manufacturing capability, tighter timelines and a higher quality finished product.

Choose W.N. Shaw for Your Container Mold Release Solutions

Keeping your packing manufacturing facility organized, efficient and profitable can present a significant challenge, but with the superior mold release products from W.N. Shaw designed specifically for packaging industry use, you can produce better products, better manage resources and increase your overall profits. At W.N. Shaw we offer a wide selection of mold release solutions for packaging manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada as well as world-wide. We use advanced tools and equipment and adhere to specific standards to create effective and safe mold release products.

For all of our customers, we provide helpful and detailed attention to ensure we provide you with custom mold release products that meet your exact standards and exceed your overall expectations. Call us today to learn more about our products and services at 636-271-3335 or complete our online contact form to request additional information.

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