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Mold Release Agents for Metal Surfaces

Any manufacturing company that works with metal surfaces wants a mold release agent that strikes the perfect balance between ease of release and finish quality. At W. N. SHAW & CO., INC., we can provide custom mold release agents for metal surfaces that meet your objectives — ease of release, finish quality and more.


We work with manufacturers in a variety of industries, creating metal surface coatings mold release agents that increase productivity in challenging conditions and under stringent specifications. We design these release agents to achieve the desired finish and gloss level. By reducing scrap rates and providing compatibility with post-molding glue and painting, our mold release agents for metal surfaces provide cost savings and increased efficiency. Better yet, these metal casting release agents limit the buildup of residue in molds — there’s little cleaning involved, and your molds enjoy a longer usable life.

Find the custom mold release agent for metal surfaces you need when you work with W. N. SHAW. We have the experience, knowledge and skills needed to meet your manufacturing needs.

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W. N. SHAW: Your Release Agent Specialist

Founded in 1995, W. N. SHAW specializes in custom-formulated model release agents for composite molding, polyurethane and rubber industries. We provide rapid development time and integrated production to provide fast solutions for your specialized product needs. In a rapidly changing global and domestic chemical specialty markets, we offer a versatile service that successfully adapts and evolves along with manufacturing trends and needs.

We add value to your manufacturing process by providing cost-effective products formulated with advanced technologies. We are constantly on the search for new and more advanced raw materials and breakthrough innovations such as water-based and green solutions — which are better for workers and the environment.

Our clients are located around the world. We sell directly to molders in USA and Canada and we sell through distributors in Mexico, China, Japan,Southeast Asia, South America and Europe. We offer two manufacturing facilities, as well as a full developmental and analytical laboratory.

When we develop and apply custom-formulated products, those products are not based on theory alone. We conduct thorough shop floor interactions and observations. We also perform extensive product testing to ensure the proper formulation and successful performance of our products.

Gain access to a team of technical engineers who possess more than 100 years of combined experience in the mold release industry. Enjoy working with sales and engineering specialists who provide efficient, complete and invaluable attention to your needs, acting as a communication link to the product development team. When you choose to work with W. N. SHAW, you get a group of professionals who are committed to meeting one objective — the successful development of a mold release agent for metal surfaces that meets your needs and specifications. Take advantage of our knowledge, skills and experience to develop a product that gets the job done, time after time.

Contact us today about custom solutions for your metal surface coatings mold release agent needs.

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