Water-Based Mold Releases

Water-Based Mold Release Agents

W. N. SHAW & CO., INC. is your source for custom water-based mold release agents.

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We specialize in helping manufacturers develop solutions to challenging mold release agent problems. We’ve formulated release agents for the composite, polyurethane and rubber molding industries. No matter the ultimate use, we apply our collective knowledge, skills and experience to creating a release agent that meets your needs.

Custom-Formulated Water-Based Release Agent Advantages

An important advantage to the use of a custom-formulated water-based release agent, is the significant environmental benefit(s) versus that of a solvent-based product. This translates to advantages for our client(s), their employees, their customers, and the environment as a whole.

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Water-based mold release agents, are also more complex in nature. Water-based mold release agents require extensive research and development in order to achieve the highest quality coating. Custom-formulated, water-based mold release agents, from W.N. SHAW & CO., INC., offer excellent release ease, excellent part surface and finish, reduced build-up and mold fouling, and these custom-formulated water-based mold release agents provide considerable environmental advantages.

At W.N. SHAW & CO., INC., we employ a successful history and knowledge of custom-formulating water-based release agents, designed specifically to meet the intricate demands of our customer’s molding parameters.

W.N. SHAW & CO., INC., manufactures custom-formulated water-based mold release agents, serving industries including rubber, polyurethane, rotational, and composite molding. W.N. SHAW & CO., INC., works directly with our customers to understand their specific needs, in order to custom-supply the best water-based release agents for their applications.

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W. N. SHAW: A Leading Water-Based Release Agent Company

Since 1995, W. N. SHAW has served companies in a variety of industries as water-based release agent manufacturers with our custom-formulated mold release agents. We emphasize versatility and can adapt successfully in rapidly changing global and domestic chemical specialty markets.

Our team of technical engineers possesses more than 100 years of combined experience in the mold release industry. Our sales and engineering specialists provide efficient, complete and invaluable attention to our customers’ needs, while acting as a vital link to our product development team. When you choose W. N. SHAW, you gain access to these professionals and their ability to quickly develop and integrate into production new products.

We provide mold release solutions directly to molders in the United States and Canada. Our products are also available through distributors in Europe, Mexico, South America, China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Regardless of your location or industry, we add value to the manufacturing process by supplying cost-effective products formulated using advanced technologies.

W. N. SHAW’s experience and knowledge are a result of thorough shop floor interaction and observation, as well as extensive product testing. In addition to our two release agent manufacturing facilities, we use a full developmental and analytical laboratory to ensure the proper formulation and successful performance of our products — water-based mold release agents and more.

Innovation is a point of focus, too. We are dedicated to formulating new and more advanced raw materials, and we quickly explore and incorporate breakthrough technologies. Through this pursuit of constant quality improvement, we’ve been able to integrate water-based and green solutions that are better for the environment and workers. Whether you need water-based mold release agents or other products and solutions, W. N. SHAW is your source for the latest in new technology, best practices and custom release agent products.

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