Mold Release Agents for the Construction Industry

construction workerIf concrete didn’t exist, buildings, construction projects and structures around the globe wouldn’t exist, either. It’s one of the most widely-used products in the world. In most cases, specialized mold release agents don’t have a part in the process of concrete use, but certain situations arise with concrete construction when cutting-edge release agents become crucial. At this point, workers in the industry use form release agents so that they can prevent the adhesion of freshly placed concrete to its forming surface.

If you’re working with concrete products and think you might need a high-quality mold release agent, consider your problems solved. At W.N. SHAW & CO., we have more than 100 years of combined industry experience.

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Situations When You Need Release Agents for Precast Concrete

Certain jobs will call for mold release agents. You’ll need to start searching for the right substances if you’re in construction, and you have a project that requires concrete with a specific presentation based on desires of the end customer. Specific instances include manipulating concrete to make it mimic the way natural stones like veneer and masonry materials appear, or designing exposed concrete for architectural-appearance applications.

In such situations, you’ll need to prevent bonding of concrete to the form to achieve:

  • Good word-of-mouth: Since you’re trying to please an end customer who has a specific idea in mind of what they want for their structure, you need a mold release agent that will ensure a quality outcome and generate a positive reputation for your company’s capability. With the right product, you should be able to complete the job quickly and end up with desirable, consistent color pigmentation, a reduction or complete elimination of bug holes, high surface quality and the perfect replication of a natural stone pattern.
  • Economic safety: You need to be able to deliver an aesthetically pleasing concrete structure without it costing too much or causing damage to the concrete that can lead to lost material. Using a release agent from a reputable company produces less scrap and ensures the manufacturer pays for less waste overall, which decreases costs and raises efficiency and profits. Using a reliable release agent extends mold life as well, reducing the number of required replacements and lowering company spending.

Why Choose W.N. SHAW for Your Mold Release Agents?

No matter your company size and unique requirements, we’ll find the right product to suit your needs when you reach out to us at W.N. SHAW & CO. Whether you need water-based release agent solutions, precast finish, high-performance release or all of the above, we can provide it. We’ve been accumulating a range of knowledge, experience and skills in the development of release agents that are custom-formulated to suit our customers throughout North America, Asia and the rest of the world.

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Our industry experience means we’ll come up with a solution no matter the situation and expertly craft your product with rapid development time. We use green technology for a lean, clean operation to give you efficient use of your products. If you have questions, need more information or want to get started on your partnership with us, contact us right away.