Silicone-Free Mold Releases

Custom-Formulated Silicone-Free Mold Release Agents

At W. N. SHAW, we work each day with clients in a variety of industries to deliver custom-formulated silicone-free mold release agents that offer a fast, effective and affordable solution. We focus on finding the answer to challenging questions and challenges, which is what sets us apart from the competition.


We thrive on gaining an understanding of the unique issues you face in manufacturing, and creating custom-formulated mold releaes agents to alleviate those issues. We couple this persistence with a depth of experience, knowledge and skill that can only come from decades of service. We have more than 100 years of combined experienced in creating silicone-free mold release solutions of all kinds, and W. N. Shaw itself has been serving customers for more than 20 years.

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When you need a silicone-free mold release that helps you overcome a challenge in manufacturing, trust the team at W. N. SHAW.

Custom-Formulated for Your Unique Mold Release Needs

We offer more than off-the-shelf silicone mold release agents. Each silicone-free release product is custom-formulated for you in our developmental and analytical laboratory. We rely on thorough shop floor interaction and observation to constantly improve our approach to creating product and release agent solutions. You receive a silicone-free mold release agent that specifically tackles your manufacturing challenges and process.

We create solutions through rigorous testing and research, only pursuing a final formulation that will help you manufacture products that meet the highest quality and durability standards. We have a history of delivering on promises and helping our clients’ visions become realities through the custom formulation of silicone mold release products.

W. N. SHAW: Since 1995

At W. N. SHAW, we work across a range of industries, always with a commitment to creating the best custom-formulated release agents for each individual client. We focus on versatility and adaptability to ensure we’re always incorporating the latest approaches, innovations and technologies from inside and outside the industry, which means you’re always getting the latest and greatest in custom-formulated silicone-free mold release products.

We sell mold release agents directly to manufacturing clients in Canada and the United States, and we sell through distributors in Mexico, Japan, China, South America, Europe and Southeast Asia. It doesn’t matter where you’re located or what industry you work in — you always have access to custom-formulated mold release solutions when you choose W. N. SHAW.

Make sure you’re getting the silicone-free mold release agents solution that will best serve your organization and your own customers. You can find plenty of service providers who promise the best in custom-formulated solutions, but W. N. SHAW offers the rare combination of experience, knowledge, skill and commitment to superior customer service.

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