Mold Release Applications We Serve

W. N. SHAW has been supplying a large and diverse customer base since it was founded in 1995. As a customer formulator, W. N. SHAW has proven agility to serve any mold release application.

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Overview Industries Served

Please refer to the list below to see just a few of the types of applications and industries that W. N. SHAW supplies around the world.


Industry Application
(Phenolics, ISO Binders, Fiberglass, Fabric)
Headliners, Hoodliners, Speaker Trays
Wind Power
(Fiberglass, Epoxy)
Windmill Blades
(Carbon Fiber, Epoxy, Phenolics)
Fuselodge Components, Interiors
Construction Materials
(Phenolics, FRP, Polyesther)
Building Panels, Cultured Marble, Home products

Rotational Molding

Industry Application
(LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, XLDPE, Nylon) All Rotationally Molded Products

Technical Rubber

Industry Application
Automotive Seals, Rings,Gaskets, Vibration Isolators, Belts, Weatherstrip , Corner Molds, Valves
Athletics & Footwear Shoe Soles, Golf Balls (Core and Skin)

Rubber Hose

Industry Application
Automotive & Industrial Flexible mandrel, Rigid Mandrel, Pan Cure


Industry Application
(Car, Truck and Bus, OTR) Inside Lubrication, Bladder Coating, Tread Lubrication, Semi-Permanent Releases, Bladder Touch-Up, Bead Lubrication, Grinding Lubrication, Rust Prevention, Retread

Polyurethane – Automotive

Industry Application
Skin Door panel, Sprayed skin, RIM skin, Slush Molding (TPU), Arm Rests (Foam in place and In-mold coated), Barrier skin for foam backing (RIM, Open Pour)
Flexible Sound Absorbing, Carpet Backing, Air Filters (Panel/Conical), Tractor, Truck Self Skinning PU Arm Rests, & Interior Components
Rigid Energy Absorbing Foam with post mold bonding requirements, Headliners. Hoodliners, Interior Door Panels
Integral Skin Steering Wheels, Safety Systems, Interiors
In-Mold Paint Steering Wheels, Safety Systems, Interiors
Pre-Pigmented PU-Integral Skin Consoles, Interiors
RIM Tractor Trailer Floor Mats, Bumpers, Wheel Covers, Door Panels

Non-Automotive Polyurethane

Industry Application
Rigid Flower Pots, Foam Board, Taxidermy, Floral, Architectural Decorative Parts, Glass / Wood Laminate Encapsulation, Spas, Boat Floatation, Door and Window Casings
Flexible Office Furniture Arm Rests, Packaging Components (Dunnage) with Self-Skinning Urethane, High-Resiliency Foam Toys, Memory Foam
Cast Elastomers Sanding Disks, Seals, Tires/Wheels
Footwear Unit Soles, Sandals, Dual Density RIM, Foam Inserts Open Pour, Boot Soles, Direct Attach, Insoles, EVA Soles and Inserts


Industry Application
EVA Shoe sole, In-Soles, Inserts, EVA Mats

Syntactic Foam

Industry Application
Off-Shore Drilling High Density Riser Buoyancy Housing Modules

Metal Surface Coatings

Industry Application
Screws, Fasteners, Ammunition Casings, Metal Drawing, Metal Stamping