Mold Release Agents in the Workplace

To choose the right mold release agent for your workplace, you need to know information about the mold material you plan to use and other characteristics of the process and release agent.

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Polyurethane mold and silicone mold rubber both work for different types of casting and production processes, and both have release agents that can apply to unique situations. It’s important to know which mold you plan to use and, if necessary, which mold release agent. Consider factors like price, speed, material and ease of application before choosing a mold or agent.

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Silicone Rubber Molds

Choosing a mold material for your workplace can be stressful if you don’t know the right applications and attributes of each one. Silicone rubber molds are commonly used to cast polyurethane and polyester resins, polyurethane foam and epoxy resins. Decide what products will be cast and what the most important qualities are for your mold. Some attributes that make tin- and platinum-cured silicone rubber molds a good option in certain situations include the fact that they offer:

  • Superior resistance to other chemicals
  • No requirement for a release agent with some molds
  • Long storage life for cured rubber
  • No shrink on cure for platinum-cured silicone rubber

Release Agents for Silicone Rubber

Silicone agents are a popular and effective choice for mold release, plastic release, tire release, concrete release and die cast release solutions, among many others. These agents offer a number of other benefits such as a cleaner finished product, low material waste, rapid release and, overall, a longer usability life for the mold and machinery involved in the process. Each one of these benefits equals more company savings.

Polyurethane Rubber Molds and Release Agents

Polyurethane rubber molds are often used to suit concrete, wax and plaster casting materials. The following advantages come with this type of rubber mold:

  • Higher strength than silicone rubber molds
  • Wide enough range of hardness to allow specific customization
  • Low to medium prices that suit any budget

Deciding on a release agent for silicone or polyurethane molds requires attention to the mold’s specific application. Consider whether you need internal mold release for a simple or complex part, or whether the agent will be used exclusively on surface areas. Polyurethane release agents offer low scrap rates, decreased downtime, clean and safe working environments, tin-free formulations where required, high-quality parts and excellent part release. Water- and solvent-based release agents can meet demanding specifications with polyurethane molds.

W.N. SHAW & Co. for Release Agents

No matter what mold you are using or release agent you need for your production process, we can provide a solution perfect for your situation. W.N. Shaw & Co. is a US-based chemical specialty company that can find a mold release agent for any industry. Our engineers have more than 100 years’ worth of combined industry experience that helps to make sure we serve you right. Contact us online if you need more help choosing a mold release agent or want to place an order now.

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