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Mold Release Wax Vs. Mold Release Spray

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A critical component to creating a mold is your mold release agent, which ensures not only a quality slip but also the quality of your product, the life cycle of your mold and the speed of your production line. …

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Permanent and Non-Permanent Release Agents

When it comes to manufacturing different products throughout a number of different industries, mold release agents are required for a smooth, repeatable production process. Choosing the correct agent, however, can be tricky.


It’s important to know whether you need a …

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How a Car Tire Is Made

We all rely on tires to get us around, but few people realize how they are made. Not surprisingly, car tires are carefully manufactured to ensure safety and dependability. They are made from layers of material and undergo strict manufacturing …

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Sound Absorbing Automotive Release Agents

Sound may seem to travel straight to your ears, but it’s more accurate to think of it as waves. What we think of as “sound” is created when something vibrates. When this happens, the water, air or other medium around …

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Mold Release Agents: Water-Base Versus Solvent-Base

Mold release agents conduct the critical task of preventing the bonding of materials to a mold. They also perform a host of ancillary functions during the molding process, such as reducing production time, facilitating cleanup and lengthening the lifespan of …

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