What Is a Mold Release Agent?

A mold release agent is a chemical that prevents a substrate from bonding with the surface of a mold. Mold release agents are essential for many manufacturing industries, especially those involving rubber, plastic and other composite casting processes. Finding the …

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How Strings of Christmas Lights Are Made

Though millions of Christmas tree lights are manufactured and sold in the United States every year, most buyers don’t know the basics behind how they’re made. What many people see as pretty glowing lights on a festive cord are actually …

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How Artificial Christmas Trees Are Made

Though artificial Christmas trees have been a part of our seasonal traditions for decades, most people don’t know how these holiday staples are made. Fake Christmas trees are manufactured with carefully constructed materials and precise processes along with essential chemicals …

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The Dangers of Clogged Micro Vents

Clogged micro vents during tire production can prove dangerous to the process. Tire making depends on precision. When debris gets stuck in the tire mold, it can be time-consuming to pause the process, clean out the mold and begin again. …

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How a Memory Foam Mattress Is Made

Have you ever wondered how memory foam gets its unique ability to mold to your shape? This type of mattress doesn’t just give you a great night’s sleep. It also performs marvels of engineering.

Memory foam was first invented in …

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