The Dangers of Clogged Micro Vents

Clogged micro vents during tire production can prove dangerous to the process. Tire making depends on precision. When debris gets stuck in the tire mold, it can be time-consuming to pause the process, clean out the mold and begin again. …

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How a Memory Foam Mattress Is Made

Have you ever wondered how memory foam gets its unique ability to mold to your shape? This type of mattress doesn’t just give you a great night’s sleep. It also performs marvels of engineering.

Memory foam was first invented in …

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How Car Steering Works

On the surface, steering systems in cars seem straightforward. You turn the car wheel, and the wheels of the car turn in response. In fact, the process is more complex than many realize and is designed for maximum accuracy while …

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How A Football is Made

The process is surprisingly complex, since this piece of sports equipment needs to be durable enough to withstand games and has to be designed to ensure each ball offers the same experience of play, ensuring no team gets an advantage.…

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How Windmills Generate Energy

Did you ever wonder how this is possible? The mechanism is very simple. Modern wind turbines have between two and three propeller-style blades surrounding a rotor. When the wind blows, the wind energy pushes on the blades and turns them …

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