Permanent and Non-Permanent Release Agents

When it comes to manufacturing different products throughout a number of different industries, mold release agents are required for a smooth, repeatable production process. Choosing the correct agent, however, can be tricky.


It’s important to know whether you need a …

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Mold Release Agents in the Workplace

To choose the right mold release agent for your workplace, you need to know information about the mold material you plan to use and other characteristics of the process and release agent.

Polyurethane mold and silicone mold rubber both work …

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What is a Polyurethane Composed Of?

Polyurethane is an environmentally-friendly plastic material that exists in products all around us every day.

It can take various liquid, foam or solid forms, some rigid and some flexible. It can act in place of metal, wood, rubber, cotton or …

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What is the Importance of Mold Release Agents?

A mold release agent is a chemical substance that creates a molding surface barrier so that products don’t get stuck to a mold. Since many different industries and manufacturing processes require molds to form products like glass, concrete, rubber, metal, …

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How a Car Tire Is Made

We all rely on tires to get us around, but few people realize how they are made. Not surprisingly, car tires are carefully manufactured to ensure safety and dependability. They are made from layers of material and undergo strict manufacturing …

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