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Solvent-Based Mold Release Agents

If your production needs solvent-based mold release agents, W. N. SHAW & CO., INC. is the plastic fabrication company that can help. We offer a range of release agent solutions, including solvent-based mold release agents. These solvent-based agents are popular because they deliver high quality and increased productivity over the alternatives. When you design a process that features solvent-based mold release agents, you enjoy effective release and fast drying, which streamline your production process and reduce costs.

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W. N. SHAW can offer both existing solvent-based mold release agents and custom agents. We specialize in using advanced technologies to create cost-effective products. We work with manufacturers worldwide who are working in a variety of industries. These manufacturers choose W. N. SHAW because of our rapid development time and integrated production. If you need a solvent-based mold release agent quickly for a new application, we can work on accelerated timeframes to meet your needs.

The W. N. SHAW Difference

Since 1995, W. N. SHAW has been serving the needs of clients worldwide, providing the best in custom-formulated model release agents for the rubber, polyurethane and composite molding industries. We sell directly to molders in USA and Canada and we sell through distributors in Mexico, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, South America and Europe.

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When you choose to work with W. N. SHAW, you choose the support of expert technical engineers who can offer a collective 100-plus years of experience in the mold release industry. Our sales and engineering specialists provide efficient, complete and invaluable attention to your needs, acting as a link to the product development team. Most of our clients turn to us because they have a mold release problem that requires an urgent and effective solution. Everything we do pushes toward providing that solution just as quickly as possible.

We have two manufacturing facilities and a full developmental and analytical laboratory. And our knowledge and expertise is more than just theoretical. We pursue shop floor interaction and observation, and we conduct extensive product testing. We focus these interactions, observations and tests on improving our process for formulating mold releases that perform.

Our goal is to consistently improve the way we serve our clients. That means a dedication to formulating new and more advanced raw materials and focusing on breakthrough new technologies. We have incorporated water-based and green solutions, because that’s what’s best for our workers, our clients and the environment. We’ve found that these advanced technologies allow us to provide added value to our clients through cost-effective products.

Over more than 20 years of service, we have demonstrated both our versatility and adaptability. The global and domestic chemical specialty markets are changing rapidly, and we are dedicated to changing and evolving, too. We can develop and apply custom-formulated release agents that represent the latest in technology and provide you with the greatest in cost savings. When you need the best in solvent-based mold release agents worldwide, choose the company that possesses the knowledge, skills and experience to get the job done quickly and effectively — choose W. N. SHAW.

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