Mold Release Agents for the Energy Industry

windmillsThe wind-energy industry is rapidly expanding due to its popular reputation as a green technology that provides sustainable energy. Windmill production includes the important blade-design process that requires high-quality mold release agents. If you need quality solvent– or water-based release agents that will perform well every time, look no further. At W.N. SHAW, we have combined industry experience of more than 100 years backing us.

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Solvent-Based Mold Release for Windmill Blades

Partial release of components at a certain length — around 60 meters or 195 feet long or longer — often damages blade shells, which can slow down the production process and create waste. Solvent-based, semi-permanent agents allow for the pulling of multiple parts at once after a single application, and nothing transfers onto the parts. Several companies choose this solution for their manufacturing process to reduce waste, save labor hours and increase overall profits.

Water-Based Mold Release for Wind-Energy Blades

Water-based release agents are right in line with the eco-friendly nature of turbines, which is a big reason many companies opt for using them. These systems provide windmill-blade production with matte surfaces on finished blades, desired by blade makers.

With water-based mold release, it is recommended that users choose a spray application. These agents can be applied to ambient or heated tools. You can expect odorless, nonflammable substances that allow rapid drying and curing.

Benefits of Mold Release Agents for Windmill Production

Finding the right mold release agent for design and manufacturing windmill components offers a large variety of advantages. Products from W.N. SHAW provide the following:

  • Resilience: With the number of chemicals required during the production process, you need to know your mold release agent can meet a number of unique requirements of phenolic binders and withstand the process of vacuum-infused epoxies.
  • Easy application: Depending on your specific needs and the needs of your company, you can choose an application method that works best for your mold. This may mean hand lay-up applications, spray-on agents or alternatives. No matter what it is, we’ll be able to provide it.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Both products will allow multiple pulls between mold cleanings, which will save on both product and labor costs. You can also take advantage of the fact that there will be fewer damaged products and waste with the use of these agents, which reduces overhead and increases profits.

Choose W.N. SHAW for Mold Release Agents in the Energy Industry

We offer both water- and solvent-based mold releases for the wind industry. One thing you can count on when you choose us to custom-design your mold release agent is that we have the experience, professionalism and skills to develop and analyze the right products and improve your processes. We have several green solutions that are best for the environment and we can apply custom-formulated products using the latest technology.

Contact W.N. SHAW & CO. today to find the best mold release option for your energy-industry application.

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