Silicone Mold Releases

Silicone Mold Release Agents

tire treadCountless products in today’s manufacturing industry are made with molds, including tires, shoes, wind turbine blades, protective pads for athletics, and insulation panels. At W.N. SHAW, we help our clients understand these release agents before we come up with a solution that best suits their unique applications.

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Why Use a Mold Release Agent in the First Place?

While it’s important for companies to understand how many benefits they’ll get from silicone release technology, first they need to realize the drastic improvements any mold release agent will bring to their production process. Finding the right agent results in:

  • Faster operations: Not only will it take less time to separate a product from its mold, but your employees will also spend fewer company hours cleaning the molds between applications.
  • Cleaner final products: Word-of-mouth travels fast. With a silicone mold release agent or other option, products will release from their molds more smoothly without residue. This improves your final output while simultaneously enhancing your company’s reputation if you produce any customer-facing items.
  • Longer mold life: The life expectancy of your molds will increase if you have the right release agents on them to reduce damages and lower the number of cleaning hours they must undergo between uses. This saves you money from day one.
  • Less material waste: With a quality release agent, you’ll find yourself throwing fewer products away due to damages.

Helpful Properties Unique to Silicone Mold Release Agents

No matter what industry you’re in, you’re likely to choose a silicone mold release agent once you realize all there is to capitalize on:

  • Characteristics that allow for superior oxidation resistance
  • Heat stability that is higher than organic options
  • Lower surface tension than the majority of polymers
  • Use rates that are lower than organic alternatives

Industries That Benefit From Silicone Mold Release Agents

At W.N. SHAW, we serve numerous industries like construction, athletics, medical, footwear, energy, automotive and more. We will provide silicone mold release agents to any clients who need them across any industry in the world. Some common applications for our top-line silicone products include:

  • Die-cast release
  • Plastic release
  • Concrete release
  • Tire release

Contact W.N. SHAW for a Custom Silicone Mold Release Agent

With over 100 years of combined experience in the industry, we’ve ended up with the knowledge, experience and skills to develop and apply the silicone mold release agent or other products our customers need. With clients trusting us throughout North America, Asia and around the rest of the globe, we’ve become global leaders in the industry, and we intend to maintain the reputation.

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