Mold Release Agents for the Aerospace Industry

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Every aspect of the aerospace industry relies on precision, durability and stability for optimal performance. From lightweight structural components to the smallest cast part, the aerospace industry needs effective and exact solutions.

At W.N. Shaw, our mold release agents for aerospace applications are backed by 100 years of combined industry and technical experience. We’re constantly evolving and creating the most advanced, custom solutions for all of our clients throughout the aerospace manufacturing chain including OEMs and suppliers. By utilizing our mold release products, you can expect streamlined productivity, superior performance and maximum profitability.

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Advanced Mold Release Solutions for Aerospace Industry Applications

W.N. Shaw provides more than just effective mold release solutions — our company has always been driven to exceed client expectations and set industry standards by prioritizing innovative practices and improving and evolving our products with ongoing research and development. With these qualities in mind, we constantly are improving our mold release products to meet the specific standards of the aerospace industry.

All of our aerospace mold release products provide a micro-thin coating that is high-slip, incredibly durable, chemical resistant and thermally stable, delivering low clogs, efficient applications and high release numbers for every application.

Our mold release products can be utilized for a wide range of aerospace manufacturing uses as well, such as:

  • Engine and hardware components
  • Aircraft seating and tires
  • Hoses
  • O-rings and gaskets
  • Structural framework
  • Ducting
  • Interior panels

When you trust W.N. Shaw for all of your aerospace mold release application needs, you’ll find the most extensive solutions including:

Reasons to Utilize W.N. Shaw’s Mold Release Agents for Aircraft

W.N. Shaw is the leading and most advanced composite mold release formulator in the industry. We create custom composite mold release solutions that are proven to be the most durable, precise and efficient options for long-term performance. By choosing us as your trusted business partner, you’ll benefit from:

  • Cost-effective solutions: Finding versatile, quality mold release options that are adaptable to different processes, allows your facility to reduce product waste and part damages which can save you time, resources and operating expenses.
  • Improved productivity: Our improved products boast higher and better release rates, reducing product waste and lowering employee downtime and labor hours, allowing workers the ability to focus on more crucial daily tasks.
  • Flexible operations: By investing in our quality, versatile mold release products, you’ll finally have the flexibility to accommodate a range of different processing conditions.
  • Expansive industry network: We have a global network of industry experts available that will work closely with you to eliminate bottlenecks and streamline operating processes.
  • Create an outstanding reputation: With improved mold release products, you’ll improve your facility’s overall quality and efficiency. You’ll also be able to deliver a higher quality product that your customers will appreciate — and they’ll return to you repeatedly in the future.

Choose W.N. Shaw — The Aerospace Industry’s Most Trusted Mold Release Solutions

To ensure you have the most effective and highest performing aerospace mold release products in the industry, trust the professionals at W.N. Shaw. We’re a U.S.-based company dedicated to creating the highest quality products that can be utilized for any temperature or application. We are happy to provide guidance on products that are best suited to your daily operational needs and industry specifics, and we are determined to help solve any type of manufacturing challenge you may be facing.

Learn more about what makes W.N. Shaw the leading mold release formulator in the industry by filling out our online contact form or calling us today at 636-271-3335.

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