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Mold Release Agents for the Food & Beverage Industry

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Daily life revolves around foods and beverages, and when you scan your kitchen, you’ll likely find a variety of items that use molds and release agents — from small countertop appliances and utensils to plastic wastebaskets and recycle bins. Since these are items that come in contact with consumables, it’s crucial for them to be developed using strict standards for performance and output.

When producing containers and other items, your manufacturing facility needs effective, durable and safe tools and methods that streamline operations while creating quality products. At W.N. Shaw, our team of highly trained and skilled experts specializes in researching and developing mold release products for food and beverage manufacturing facilities — creating mold release applications that meet your operating needs as well as industry and regulatory standards.

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Mold Release Applications for Your Everyday Living

To ensure safe and efficient food production environments, food and beverage manufacturing facilities are required to adhere to specific food safety standards. They must also utilize tools and products made of food-safe materials and coatings that are approved by the FDA and other industry-specific regulatory organizations.

At W.N. Shaw, our experienced and knowledgeable team understands these specific food and beverage industry requirements and have developed the most effective, high-performance silicone release agents and mold release applications to ensure safe operations, maximize output and reduce product waste. All of our products are extensively tested to guarantee long-term performance, durability in any type of environment and consistent product quality.

We specialize in the following food and beverage mold release applications:

  • Blenders
  • Ice cube trays
  • Spatulas and plastic utensils
  • Coffee brewers

Reasons to Choose W.N. Shaw for Your Mold Release Products

Food and beverage facilities have relied on W.N. Shaw for all of their silicone food release agents and mold release solutions because of our dedication to developing high-quality products, our knowledgeable and evolving services and our skilled experts who work with you to develop custom mold release products. With W.N. Shaw as your trusted custom formulator, you can expect:

  • Extensive industry experience — our team has over 100 years of combined experience.
  • Dedicated and highly trained experts providing comprehensive services including analytical instrumentation, wet chemical techniques and biological testing.
  • Custom mold release solutions for food and beverage industry facilities that are designed to meet your site’s needs and capabilities while maintaining food-safe standards.
  • Lower annual overhead expenses and increased profits with quality silicone mold release products that reduce waste and improve performance.
  • Improved customer relationships — facilities can accomplish greater and more flexible manufacturing capacity, better timelines and a higher quality product.

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If you’re looking for the most reliable, quality mold release applications for food and beverage industries, look no further than the solutions available at W.N. Shaw. We strive to always provide our customers with products that provide unmatched value, streamline performance and increase profits. Learn more about our food and beverage mold release solutions today by filling out our online contact form or calling us at 636-271-3335.

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