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Mold Release Wax Vs. Mold Release Spray

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A critical component to creating a mold is your mold release agent, which ensures not only a quality slip but also the quality of your product, the life cycle of your mold and the speed of your production line. …

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Mold Release Agents in the Workplace

To choose the right mold release agent for your workplace, you need to know information about the mold material you plan to use and other characteristics of the process and release agent.

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Polyurethane mold and silicone mold rubber both work …

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What is the Importance of Mold Release Agents?

A mold release agent is a chemical substance that creates a molding surface barrier so that products don’t get stuck to a mold. Since many different industries and manufacturing processes require molds to form products like glass, concrete, rubber, metal, …

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The Main Functions of a Mold Release Agent

Many manufacturers rely on molds to produce mass quantities of similar glass, rubber, concrete, metal or plastic parts and components. One of the key elements of the mold manufacturing process is the use of mold release agents, which are …

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