The Dangers of Clogged Micro Vents

Clogged micro vents during tire production can prove dangerous to the process. Tire making depends on precision. When debris gets stuck in the tire mold, it can be time-consuming to pause the process, clean out the mold and begin again. Yet not taking the time to clear out the mold can lead to problems with the tires, including clogged micro vents that don’t let air escape.

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Many companies that produce tires are looking for assistance with combating this headache. W.N. SHAW has come up with a way to eliminate clogged micro vents and make tire production flow more smoothly. When you don’t have to stop to address this issue, your manufacturing process will move along better, and you will experience less frustration.

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What Are Micro Vents in Tires?

Venting holes, also referred to as micro vents, are small spaces in a tire mold where uncured rubber gathers. These pieces eventually turn into whiskers, or vent spews. These do not serve a purpose when you drive. Rather, the small spaces where the whiskers form offer a vital service. They provide air ventilation where small pockets of air can escape as the rubber fills the mold.

Eventually, when the rubber cools, the whiskers stay on the tires. However, when the tires are removed from the mold, sometimes the whiskers get stuck and remain in the micro vent, causing a clog. This becomes a problem when the next tire is molded. The air has nowhere to escape since the micro vent is filled.

Stopping the production process to clean out the micro vents throws a wrench into your production schedule. Many manufacturers in the past blasted the mold with grit, then used a drill to remove any remaining pieces. This method is hard on the mold, however, causing it to break down more quickly. It’s not a practical solution to the problem, and over time, it can lead to subpar tire production.

How to Eliminate Clogged Micro Vents

W.N. SHAW offers solutions for clogged micro vents. We attack the problem from a preventative standpoint. Why not stop the issue before it happens? We have a number of custom-formulated products you can use during the manufacturing of tires to prevent clogged micro vents. They include:

  • Outside Lubrication Green Tire: This water-based product offers exceptional release and reduces the chance of defects in a tire coming off the mold.
  • Tread Lubrication Green Tire: This water-based product enhances release from deep tread design, allowing it to pull away without leaving clogged vents.
  • Tread Lubrication Mold Spray: This water-based, semi-permanent product also addresses release for deep treads and won’t clog micro vents or spray equipment.

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Improve your tire production process by eliminating clogged micro vents and making manufacturing more efficient. Invest in one of our lubrication options to keep vent spews from delaying or derailing your operation. Contact W.N. SHAW today to learn more about our release agents for tire molding. They reflect the latest in technology and can make your process more efficient.

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