Everyday Items That Are Part of Mold Releases

cleaning bottles

Modern-day households are full of products that seem simple enough, but those products are actually brought into existence through a complex set of production methods. For example, all items made of hard, synthetic materials generally result from the following process:…

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The Three Main Types Of Mold Release Agents

Each mold and material pair requires a unique and specific mold release agent. Using the wrong mold release agent can cost your business money in scrap components, lost time and increased mold and mandrel wear. Arm yourself with a highly …

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The 4 Steps of Rotational Molding

Rotational molding machines are present in all major manufacturing countries in the world. While the outward appearance of these machines may look different, there are four main steps that occur in all cases. This goes back to the very basic …

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Overview of the Rotational Molding Industry

While it is easy to assume many of the current practices and methods used in industry are modern inventions that couldn’t exist without sophisticated machinery, in many cases this isn’t the case. Industry has perfected, improved and automated ways of …

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How A Shoe Sole Is Made

We take for granted the rubber on the bottom of our shoes — the material that grips and keeps us steady in tennis shoes, running shoes, casual shoes and even dress shoes. But how did the rubber sole of a …

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