Sound Absorbing Automotive Release Agents

Sound may seem to travel straight to your ears, but it’s more accurate to think of it as waves. What we think of as “sound” is created when something vibrates. When this happens, the water, air or other medium around the object vibrates too, and the sound waves travel to our ears, where our bodies and brains interpret the sound.

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In the air, vibrations are known as traveling longitudinal waves. These are what allow us to hear sound. These waves include low- and high-pressure areas which are known as rarefactions and compressions.

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The Science of Sound Dampening and Sound Absorption

Sometimes, we want to prevent sound from traveling. Whether we want to enjoy a quiet day inside or reduce the sounds of a busy recording studio, we have many options. Sound waves can be stopped and absorbed in a few ways. If you have ever closed a window to drown out a busy street, you may have already seen this in motion.

When sound waves travel, they may stroke an object. If the sound is reflected back, this can actually enhance sound and create what we know as “good acoustics.” In situations where sound waves strike a surface but are not reflected back, we say the sound is absorbed.

Special acoustical materials are used to absorb maximum sound while reflecting little sound back and while providing a strong sound barrier. These work very simply: when sound waves hit this material, the components of the absorbing material vibrate, which causes small amounts of friction and thus heat. As the energy is converted into heat, the sound is absorbed.

Fibrous materials are more adept at sound absorption. A concrete wall, for example, will reflect some sound in a way that a thinner piece of fibrous soundproofing material will not. Also, different sounds get absorbed differently. Due to their structure, lower-frequency sounds are more challenging to absorb, which is why bass can still be heard with some sound absorption technologies.

Choosing sound absorption materials can make a big difference when it comes to how effectively sound is contained.

Automotive Sound Dampening

W.N. SHAW & CO. provides polyurethane foam for acoustic sound dampening for the car industry. Our release agents for vehicle acoustic sound dampening are customized to be lighter, ensuring a high-quality experience for car drivers. In addition, our products are designed to make cars quieter, which is essential in today’s competitive marketplace where consumers increasingly expect a luxury experience with a new vehicle.

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W.N. SHAW & CO. allows car manufacturers to deliver the highest-quality cars and car parts to customers at the right price point. In business for more than 20 years, the W.N. SHAW & CO. team has more than 100 years of combined industry experience, meaning we can design a range of solutions for car manufacturers.

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